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The clinic was easy to find. Their brochure had a photo of the building and I saw it immediately when I stepped out of the metro etude house. Dr. Lee was a man of few words. He asked only one superfluous question, what state was I from. I had just sat down with an intriguing magazine when the door opened and the doctor emerged banila co. The doctor, Geun Lee, greeted me with a slight handsh ake and a solemn face. He asked me what I wanted and he looked briefly at my face, hands, and legs, It does not hurt that you learn this information, it is not meant to scare you or reduce you from taking this plunge, it is merely to coach you about your upcoming procedure and cause you to more comfortable with the entire situation. Continue to gather more info by researching and going to the American Board of Cosmetic surgery website. You can ask your surgeon what you will probably have as far as complications and risks that are related to your distinct procedure. Ask people you know with had the procedure with regards to their personal experiences of course innisfree, if they had any problems banila co. Like the check in and the consultation, the payment procedure was swift. The clinic accepted all major credit cards.I asked him what the cost for the procedures would be and he said 100k won for the face,another big help. When I said Texas, a ghost of a smile flickered across his face and he wrote Texan on his notes and underlined the word twice.Despite being fluent in English,It is very essential that you know what the pitfalls are for cosmetic methods. The ABPS can offer you any information you seek about your procedure. 150k won for the legs, 120 won for the hands, and 35k won for consultation etude house. All total, approximately 356 dollars. I agreed and he directed me to the cashier to pay. quickly scribbling a few notes on my chart. The brochure also mentioned what exit to take leaving the metro station, At the clinic's reception desk, I filled out a simple form then I was told to go to another floor and wait at door three. Outside of door three innisfree,